I had a great time getting back into shape. The staff is extremely welcoming, supportive, and knowledgeable. Before I was unable to walk on my knee, now I’m finally back to running! Lindsay is awesome.


After my second shoulder surgery I was lucky enough to work with TOSPT in my rehab process. With such professional care here I was able to come back stronger than ever before and pursue my dream of competing with Team USA Bobsled. I just finished with my first season on Team USA and wouldn’t be where I am today with TOSPT’s help.


I came to TOSPT after knee replacement surgery. The therapy was great and successful. The staff was very knowledgeable and worked at a pace that I could tolerate. After two months I am able to resume all normal activities. I cannot imagine a place with friendlier, more qualified staff. I would definitely recommend TOSPT.


We started on a plan to rebuild my muscles and stability. I learned very quickly how true the words of my PT were “remember the tortoise and hare- it’s not a sprint but a marathon”. I find that the staff at TOSPT are supportive, knowledgeable, and friendly and really care how you are progressing.


I wish to thank all the nice people at the Crawfordville Clinic. My appreciation goes out to Lori Cate, Julie Stoff, Sheri Kelloway, and Lisa Stokley. Thank you all very much for your hard work, humor, and professionalism. While helping me get back to work, you’ve made physical therapy fun and informative. Thank you sincerely.


Thank you for everything. I can now live life without pain. I enjoyed my time while I was there and enjoyed everyone there. As Ms. Sheri said, I hope to see you soon, but in a good kind of way. And I didn’t get to say my goodbye to Ms. Julie, so goodbye and thanks for everything, I wish you the best of luck. Again, thank you for everything, you have really helped me out a lot.


…I was fortunate enough to have been placed in the care of Jerry Latimer. Jerry is a truly gifted and caring therapist. He gives each of his patients’ quality attention. Even when things get busy, Jerry somehow finds the time to keep things running smoothly. Ginger Wheeler has also been an integral part of my therapy. Her positive attitude and consideration for patients is just wonderful! TOSPT is very fortunate to have employees of this caliber!