Megan: Hand Therapy Success

Learn about how TOSPT helped heal Megan’s hand after a winter injury. 

The Pain: During a slip and fall during the winter, Megan injured her hand and needed help to get it back to full usability. 

The Plan: Megan started PT with John and Liz at TOSPT with the goal of avoiding surgery and medication for her injury. Her PTs immediately began a plan of action to help her hand heal – “They both took an interest in not only my injury but in me as a person making me feel comfortable and easing any/all anxieties we face when going through an injury.” 

The Results: After only two months, Megan’s hand was back to full use. “They both helped me recover within two months of my first appointment, helped me avoid surgeries and taught me how to avoid injuring myself further.”

Time is of the essence after an injury; contact us today to see how we can help you recovery from aches, pain, strains, and other musculoskeletal disorders!

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