Liz: Chronic Back Pain

Learn how Liz overcame years of seemingly undefeatable back pain with TOSPT.

The Pain: Before coming to TOSPT, Liz had suffered lower back and hip pain for over three years. She had already attempted PT unsuccessfully at other clinics and was beginning to think there was no answer for her pain. 

The Plan: Liz was assigned to physical therapy for four months at TOSPT, where Josh and Tyler worked with her to ensure a slow and steady approach that gave Liz personal victories and switched her to an achievement-based mindset.

The Results: Liz’s PT plan “… lead to my ultimate high level of success and a pain free exit from the program. After three years of chronic lower back and hip pain and numerous, unsuccessful PT experiences, for me, this was a miraculous outcome.

If you’re suffering from pain like Liz was, don’t wait – contact us today to see how we can help!

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