PTplus allows those patients to continue their programs to maintain functions they have re-gained on an affordable, self-pay basis.

TOSPT’s PTplus

Physical Therapists are always available to help patients in the PTplus program with questions or concerns about problems that may arise.

Exercise and the PTplus Program

This is a voluntary exercise program that will help patients improve cardio-vascular and overall level of function and maintain activities of daily living. A physical therapist will tailor the program to fit specific needs, as well as detect any physical condition that would limit or prohibit the patient in engaging in the exercise program.

Getting Started With PTplus

Recently discharged patients may talk with a physical therapist about getting started. New patients may call 877-8855 for an Initial Evaluation appointment with a physical therapist. More information and the necessary forms can be downloaded from our web site,

PTplus Hours
Monday-Thursday 6 am to 6 pm
Friday 6 am to 4 pm
Fee Schedule

Monthly Fee


Success Stories

I have been a member of PTplus (formerly Executive Fitness) at TOSPT for almost twenty years. I had a complete spinal fusion with Harrington Rod in 1977 for progressive scoliosis and was developing some pain issues. I had heard that water aerobics was an “up and coming” treatment option for all things orthopedic. It was important that I have access to trained medical personnel (i.e., physical therapists, exercise technicians) who understood my particular medical problems. Also having issues with osteoporosis, I was told that weight-bearing exercise was important.

I have faithfully exercised at this facility three days a week for two hours at a time (one hour in the gym and one hour in the pool) and I can honestly say I feel great, am pain free and am “addicted” to exercise. Four years ago I had both my knees replaced and because of my great physical condition my doctor did both at one time. I did my rehab at TOSPT where I already knew and loved everyone.

As a “Senior Citizen” I enjoy the interaction with the students, learning about their studies and goals in life and talking sports with the athletes I meet. TOSPT has become very important to me socially. Because I spend so much time here, I have made many friends. We hold each other accountable, share our aches and pains, our travels, our families and socialize together. That’s also a vital part of what exercise can do in your life.

Carolyn Ward, age 72