Important Information

For Referring Providers

We’re passionate about helping your patients.

At TOSPT, our team values your trust in us to look after your patients. That’s why we’re proud to continuously be learning and improving how we help patients through their rehabilitation journey.

With personalized treatments and the latest technology and methods, we help patients reclaim their lives and get back to the activities that they love.

To refer your patients, follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Fill out your referral paperwork with your patient details.
  2. Email it to us at

To see the types of services we can offer your patients, read about them here:

Have a patient in need of fast, personalized relief?

Contact our centralized scheduling line at (850) 877-8855 or call the closest clinic  and ask to speak to the director. We will work with you to get your patient taken care of as quickly as possible.